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About department

Tel.: +7(4912) 28-99-73

E-mail: marinao@rtpp.ryazan.su


The chief - GUSEVA Marina Vladimirovna

The leading expert - GUSEV Evgeniy Vladimirovich

The expert - trainee - KUDRYAKOV Andrey Vyacheslavovich


  • granting of an information information (address, financial and economic and others) on the Russian and foreign enterprises;

  • granting of an information and reviews under normative and economic - legal documents;

  • search and drawing up of lists of the enterprises - potential partners both across Russia, and on other states;

  • formation of databases about the enterprises and the organizations in catalogues, directories, on electronic carriers, sites Internet for distribution to Russia and abroad;

  • drawing up of thematic reviews on materials of the Russian news agencies, mass media, servers Internet;

  • distribution of the information on offers of domestic and foreign firms;

  • carrying out of the analysis of the market of manufacture and consumption on concrete groups of the goods;

  • preparation, dispatch (an e-mail, a fax and other ways) and support of various request on the organizations and commercial and industrial chambers of other regions;

  • granting of the information on выставочно-exhibition actions in region, Russia and abroad;

  • accommodation on site RCCI of the various information on the enterprises;

  • assignment with registration in association UNISCAN of shaped codes on the goods.

Advertising - publishing:

  • development of corporate style;

  • design of graphic style of firm;

  • design of a printed matter;

  • design of exhibition stands;

  • imposition;

  • duplicating of a printed matter (morning coats, booklets, catalogues, etc.);

  • scanning.

News of the department


The new directory is issued «Ryazan region. Your business partners. 2005»

The Ryazan camber of commerce and industry informs you that the sixth edition has left the directory «Ryazan region. Your business partners».

The directory is issued by circulation of 1500 copies at a high polygraphic level.
In its data about more than 2000 enterprises and the organizations of Ryazan city and Ryazan region are submitted.

The edition contains an index of the enterprises, for more convenient search, and as the index of the goods and services.
The directory will be distributed at numerous exhibitions, business - meetings, « round tables » and other actions spent by Chamber and the Government of region.

Applications for reception of the directory we ask to direct to the address:
390023, Ryazan, Gorkogo street, 14
Теl.: +7(4912) 28-99-03, fax: +7(4912) 28-99-02


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