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 Our publishing
Some years the Chamber carries out publishing, issuing newspapers useful to business - community, bulletins, directories, collections, advertising - information prospectuses, booklets, etc.

Since 1999 the staticized directory is annually issued «Ryazan region. Your business partners.». It is received with the diplomatic missions of the foreign states accredited in Russia, representatives of the foreign delegations visiting the Ryazan region. The directory goes to administrations and regions CCI of Russia, is distributed on members of Chamber, and also among participants of exhibitions, business - meetings, heads of the enterprises.

Since 2000 release of directories is carried out also «The illiquid equipment of the enterprises of the Ryazan redion», «Ryazan region: export - import», brochures on problems of corporate management. The chamber issues the newspaper «Under the sign of Mercury», founded and registered on May, 12, 1999. The newspaper is intended for more full constant, operative informing members of Chamber, state and other structures on activity RCCI; realization of an information exchange with colleagues from CCI Russia, the regional and mixed chambers, representatives of foreign business circles. Distribution of the newspaper is carried out by Chamber to individual addresses, and also on a subscription, an index 84840.

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