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 Территориальные ТПП

 Экспертиза и сертификация


About agency

Tel.: +7(4912) 28-99-02

E-mail: ka@rtpp.ryazan.su


The expert - BUGORKOVA Nataliya Evgenievna


  • selection of personnel;

  • assistance in searching or changing the job;

  • consulting on compiling resumes;

  • testing (personal diagnostics, professional adequacy);

  • professional compiling of resumes & distributing them in Internet;

Attention new service

Ryazan chamber of commerce and industry Informs, that the administration of the Ryazan area has commissioned Ryazan CCI on carrying out of job on maintenance of the enterprises and the organizations located in territory of area, work-record cards and loose leaves in them of a new sample (the letter from 08.06.2004г. № 6-63-1419).



The Ryazan personnel agency offers you the qualified search and selection of the personnel for your organization. The agency will help you to find experts and workers in view of all requirements to the given post.

Personnel agency it:

  • exclusive technology of selection;

  • the newest techniques of recruiting;

  • testing;

  • individual approach;

  • guarantees.

Cost of services is stipulated preliminary up to the conclusion of the contract and depends on complexity of the order (on the average - monthly wages of the expert).

The agency carries guarantee certificates. In case of revealing during a trial period of discrepancy of the picked up expert to requirements of the customer the deputy is made adequate free-of-charge. Terms of performance of jobs on search and selection of the personnel are established as agreed with the company - customer.

Cooperation of personnel agency and your company is made out by the contract about rendering of services on selection of the personnel.

Principles of job of personnel agency:

  • The professional approach. the Agency prefers to cooperate with successfully working experts, instead of with the unemployed, applying a technique of direct search;

  • Complex rating of the candidate. That is a rating by the basic criteria: qualification and experience - ability to carry out this job, interest in its performance, controllability, safety for the employer, human qualities and compatibility in collective;

  • Confidentiality. the Information received from the employer, is not subject to disclosure, selection also is not advertised The personnel in collective of the customer;

  • Objectivity and reliability of the information. the exact and checked up information is given the Employer only about candidates;

  • the Individual approach. On all questions at issue, on payment with agency it is possible to agree.

Search of experts is carried out by the following methods:

  • direct search of candidates from number successfully working now;

  • an outputexit on concrete experts interesting you;

  • search on own database, net search the Internet;

  • accommodation of the information on your vacancy on Web-page;

  • interviewing of candidates at office of personnel agency with application of the newest technologies;

  • testing (the tests are applied, allowing to determine a level of the professional competence of candidates and their psychological features);

  • check of recommendations.



At the Ryazan camber of commerce and industry the personnel agency with which help you is organized can to find to itself job in Ryazan:

  • free-of-charge;

  • it is confidential;

  • it is professional.

That the information on you has been brought in our database, fill in the resume. If at you already is ready the resume, you can send it to us on E-mail: ka@rtpp.ryazan.su or by fax +7(0912) 28-99-02

Теl.: +7(4912) 21-00-17

E-mail: ka@rtpp.ryazan.su

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