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Dear heads of joint-stock companies!

Dear heads, you are invited to cooperation with the newspaper «Under the sign of Mercury»

Since October, 13, 2003 the Regulations about disclosing of the information of issue securities by emitters have come into force, authorized by the order of Federal Commission on Securities of Russia from July, 2, 2003 03-32/. According to requirements new positions, the emitter of issue securities is obliged to carry out disclosing the information in the following forms: in the periodic printed edition, with the circulation accessible to the majority of shareholders the emitter (essential facts); in the periodic printed edition, with circulation not less than 1000 copies (the messages opened in process issues of the securities placed by means of the closed subscription, accompanying registration of the prospectus securities); in a network the Internet (quarterly reports of the emitter, essential facts, prospectuses of securities, the messages opened during issue of securities). With circulation not less than 1000 copies

In connection with new requirements of the legislation you can use pages of the edition « Under the sign of Mercury» and a corporate site of the Ryazan chamber of commercial and industrial www.ryazancci.ru for complex disclosing of the information.

Materials and conditions Term Cost without the VAT.
For subscribers and members of Chamber For other clients
The publication in the edition «Under the sign of Mercury» any information (essential facts, messages on issue) According to the legislation 4000 roubles for 1 strip 4 5000 roubles for 1 strip 4
All published information materials will be placed on the site www.ryazancci.ru free-of-charge
Under condition of the publication of all information materials of a society within one year - the discount of 15 %.

We are ready to create for your company the specialized subitem for disclosing the information on the site www.ryazancci.ru and to provide its support during all period of cooperation. Your information materials will be operatively placed on a site. Under your requirement we shall give the documents confirming duly disclosing of the information in a network the Internet.

On questions of accommodation of information materials and for the conclusion of contracts about cooperation with your company address in edition «Under the sign of Mercury» on tl.: +(4912) 25-33-36, 28-99-02 or on E-mail: mercury@rtpp.ryazan.su

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